Brave-heart Sagar Kashyap


Amidst stories of scams and deaths, stories of bravery often get ignored or aren’t given as much coverage as they deserve. Let alone coverage, some of these people aren’t even rewarded by the government. This A/V covers bravery award winner Sagar who has saved many lives by putting his brave foot forward. Infact, bravery runs in his family. His father has also saved many people from drowning. Father-son duo are often called the unofficial helpers of the Police



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Rocking to Divinity


Sufi rock music is a sub-genre of rock music that combines rock with classical Sufi music traditions. This audio includes interaction with ‘MANSHA’ Sufi Rock Band’s singer and Guitarist. Sufi rock music emerged in early 1990’s and became popular in the late 1990’s.



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Delhi comes out to vote


Shadab Ahmad Moizee & Shadab Nazmi

This short video contains interviews of voters across the  constituency of east Delhi. People talk about their expectations from the new government. While BJP has been making claims to clinch victory, Aam Aadmi Party could be a game changer.



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Migrant dream


New Delhi:

In India thousands of people are migrating from state to state in search of job or better life every year. Hundred of migrant labourers are living on government farmland for the last 10 years in Shakarpur, near Yamuna metro station, New Delhi. But on 30th October 2013 government took their land without any prior notice. Amazing thing is that they have Identity card and ration card on the same address but they will not live there. They don’t know where to go and their children are clueless about their future.

School without students


Darbhanga, Bihar: Government of Bihar, one of India’s poorest states has been undertaking several policy initiatives to make education more accessible to children.  Still government schools without teachers and proper facilities is quite common but there is a school in Darbhanga, Bihar running even without student.

“This government primary school is functioning on a residential premise for almost 35 years but since last three years students has stopped coming to school. Hardly the teacher and principal are seen, though regularly they get their salary”, Masih Ahmad, owner of the school premises said.

On one side, government of Bihar makes tall claim about the development in education sector but on the  other side school is functioning without any proper arrangement, building, black board, bench and desk.

Principal was not available to comment on issue, but a teacher Nikhat said “we are not responsible for students who are not coming school; parent has stopped sending their children to school and keep them home to help in chores.”

Chando a parent said (“Jhoot bolte hain master sahib wo khud to aate nahi hain upar se jab dekho school band rahta hai, na khana milta hai na padhai to kya fayda, kam se kam mere sath kisi ke ghar pe kaam karegi to kuch paisa to aayega”.) “They are liar, teachers are not coming to school so why we send our children to school.”

District Education Officer Ram Sagar Singh said “We are trying to shift this school to some other place or merge it with nearby school.” He also added that knowing about every school is difficult since their job-profile is such that they keep on getting transferred from time to time.

Moin Khan a resident of Rahamganj, Darbhanga said “Students from class one to five, who studied here, were cramped in a one hall and made to sit on a floor without black board.

It has no space for kitchen or store for the midday meal programme. Only two teachers and a Principal are appointed for almost 150 students and most of them are irregular themselves. This results in irregularity of classes leading to improper implementation of educational schemes.

Social activist and resident of Rahamganj, Darbhanga F.A.Khan said teachers get salary without teaching and from last six months we haven’t seen the Principal. I don’t know why this school is running in a private space,. Students are not coming due to lack of facilities even school does not have black board, teachers were not taking class regularly.In the absence of proper facilities the whole pointof having such schools is lost.